Why Shop At The Annoying Toy Store

Why Shop At The Annoying Toy Store?

Kids are easy to please and parents are easy to annoy. We want to help you do both! We want to equip you with presents that will please the baby or kid so much that they can't put it down. We want them to love the toy so much that it drives the parents absolutely insane.

Why would we want to annoying anyone? It's a fair question. Let us set explain. 

Here at The Annoying Toy Store —TATS for short — we have brothers and sisters who are married. Our friends have been having babies for years. Like you, we know how it feels to have that new set of parents in your life begin spamming you with pictures and stories of their kids. It's nonstop! Literally, everything they talk and post about revolves around their functionless baby now. They quit going to happy hour. They quit closing down the bar. They quit coming over to watch football. If they do happen to make it out, it's planned weeks in advance and then they leave early. It's maddening! 

Their world is now their baby. Ok, fine, we get it. Babies are great. We love seeing them and playing with them — for a few minutes — as long as they're fun and cute. That's not a real kid though, is it? No. At least we can hand the crying and/or smelly baby back to the parents and finally pick up our drink again. 

It sounds bitter, doesn't it? Trust us when we say that we have the best intentions at our core. We love nothing more than making babies and kids happy. We want to be associated with happiness in those little eyes and hearts. The crew here at TATS also likes to have our cake and eat it too. In addition to winning over those littles, we wanted to find a little, harmless way of getting revenge on the new parents in our lives for their constant lameness and baby-spam. 

Thus, we created this store. 

Why Shop At The Annoying Toy Store

This is the logo of The Annoying Toy Store. We feel if fully captures our intentions with every hand-picked toy we carry in our store. Notice a loving parent, playing with his child. Notice the rattler, obviously making tremendous noise and being terribly loved by that little baby. Finally, what's the parent doing? Exactly. We want that exact image created by each of our toys.

Toy Stores Are No Longer A Thing Of The Past

The problem we face as friends and family members of those annoying couples is that toy stores are a thing of the past. Toys R Us is gone. Hometown toy stores are long-gone fossils. Big boxes only carry toys supporting the latest movies and online retailers are over-crowded with expensive and questionably-OK inventory at best.

As kids, we used to be able to stroll the aisles of Target and the local toy store to find our favorite new things. We'd bug our parents, maybe even scream some, and hear "NO!" with vague threats of harm until they finally gave in. We used to be able to see the toys and play with them right in the store - or throw them back on the shelves because the toys were so lame. 

You can't trust anything anymore. Well, we're here to help. We hand-select every single toy we carry and sell on this site. Every choice is intentional. You can trust The Annoying Toy Store to provide you with the perfect gifts for the kids in your life. Please check out our products and come back every week for the new additions!