The Annoying Toy Store Welcomes You!

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Welcome to The Annoying Toy Store

The Annoying Toy Store was built by and for fun-loving friends and family members. Our whole purpose is to create joy-filled experiences for kids, bring light to a child's already-bright eyes, AND more importantly annoy the hell out of their parents. 

Like you, we have friends and family who used to be fun. We used to get brunch, go to happy hour, go out late, wake up late, tell laughter-filled stories about the night before. We used to do things. Then our brothers, sisters, friends got married and eventually had kids. Everything changed. 

There's no longer a "We." Now there is just you and them. They stay in, go to bed early, they are too tired, and they're no longer around. Now there is only the baby. Everywhere. Along with you, we are spammed by pictures on Instagram and stories of their baby. They are no longer interesting. It's just the baby. 

Sure, the baby is the cutest kid ever — yeah, we get it. We love babies too. That's the first thing we said, remember? We love kids. We are a toy store! But we miss our friends and family, and, we hate being spammed. 

So let's do some spamming of our own! 

With your help, we can successfully deliver gifts to our nieces, nephews, grandkids, god-kids, and the kids of our friends. A toy for a child brings light to their eyes and that rich belly laugh that we all love. You will be looked at as a hero. Then the toy you gifted with create noise. That noise will be loved by the child and HATED by the parents. 

THAT is what we're all about. 

  1. Winning the kids over with toys
  2. Annoying the bejesus out of the parents

We hope you enjoy The Annoying Toy Store! 

Every week we will add new toys and send out a weekly reminder of what the toys are so you can come back, check things out, and send a little bit of loving terror to your friends and family. 

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